Get Help For Your Small Law Firm

Running a smaller law firm has its upsides. You get to focus on the cases and clients that you care about. You do not have as much overhead, which means you are not in a rush to work with 20 clients at the same time. So long as you are making good money through loyal clients, you are not too worried about attracting more business every week. But there are downsides too.

Managing Cases as a Small Firm

Most of the time, you will have the manpower to devote to each client. But there are some weeks where everything seems to pile up. Multiple clients have cases going to court, which means that you may need an extra set of hands. Where can you find one, without turning your clients over to another firm?

Hiring Per Diem Attorneys

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Small law firms can benefit from hiring per diem attorney New York services when they need extra help. By hiring a per diem attorney, you are still representing your client. The per diem lawyer works for your firm for a set number of days. And you only need to pay them for those days.

Quick and Flexible Assistance

The beauty of the per diem system is how quickly you can hire a lawyer. You can call them on Monday and they will be with you the next day, ready to help. And you can ask to make sure they have experience in the type of case where you need their assistance.

Another great aspect to the per diem system is the payment structure. You are not paying them for a month when you only need their assistance for a few days. You pay for the days when you need them, which makes the process very affordable for smaller firms.